SEO Service In Kent | Affordable SEO Company

SEO Service In Kent | Affordable SEO Company

It doesn’t matter how good your business is if nobody can find you!

And I know its hard to find a good seo company in kent who genuienly care about your success, I work and have worked with many small business’s and helped them grow online.

Do think you that your Sittingbourne business would do better as a prominent place on the high street with good transport links, with a glitzy sign and lots of foot fall or a place out in the sticks where the local telephone is half a mile down the road?

It’s a no brainer, right? You must have heard the old marketing saying…

The right product, in the right place, at the right price your product or service is always going to sell. (The internet has actually changed this even further but allow me to continue)

So, no matter how good your service is in Sittingbourne, if people can’t find you they can’t buy from you.

Your website is no different.

In order for people to be enticed into your company to spend their hard-earned money, your website is going to need to appear in the places that your prospective customers are looking for them and in the 21st century that is the internet – more specifically Google!

So that leads you to the obvious conclusion. What do you have to do to get your website ranking number 1 in Google in Sittingbourne, Kent? Lots of things, lots of things which require hours of work, lots of years of experience in getting your website ranked high in the search engines Google, Yahoo and Bing. That’s exactly where we come in, let is make this easy for you.

Let us give your website the “Search Engine Optimisation Sittingbourne” treatment!

The Best SEO Company in Kent

If you were not familiar with the concept, Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is the art of getting your website ranked high on the first page of Google. This could be for Sittingbourne, Kemsley, Rainham, anywhere in Kent, anywhere in the South East, anywhere in the UK, anywhere around the world you can have your site ranking high in the search engine results page (SERP).

So if you wanted to get your website ranked number 1 in Google for Sittingbourne you would need to present you website in a way and carry out a multitude of activities for Google to want to reward you with a position in the results page which could be worth thousands of pounds per month to you. 

It is also worth noting that your business does not have to be physically located in Sittingbourne to have your business showing up in the results!

How do I get my website on the first page of Google in Sittingbourne?

If you want your website you appear when someone looks for your product or service in Sittingbourne you are going to need to do a heck of a lot, there are no shortcuts.

Well there said to be over 300 ranking factors which Google now considers before choosing who they want to appear as number 1 in their results which are constantly changing and your SEO efforts need to be adjusted accordingly. These include but are not limited to link level descriptions, optimisation of meta descriptions, meta titles, site titles, SEO copywriting, making your website quick and mobile friendly, security certificates, building of high PR backlinks to your website, landing pages, blog, directory submissions, optimisation of images and alt descriptions. 

Before you do this, you need to:

Perform keyword analysis, analyse your website, perform competitor analysis to determine difficulty of chosen keywords in Sittingbourne, you do all of this you are going to need some very efficient search engine optimisation software which can be very expensive. Even if you have this you are going to need to spend hours doing all of the above, are you running out of time yet? I mean you already have a business to run.

Or you could just use us!

SEO Experts in Kent – Dot Com Pay Days

Welcome to Creative Edge Marketing your expert SEO consultancy in Sittingbourne in Kent. I appreciate it’s a little late for a welcome message but let me say what I’m going to say.

We specialise in creating high quality websites that convert website visitors in people who are compelling and make enquiries into your business. We then further specialise in getting people to your site with our proffered method of SEO.

We are so confident in our abilities to get your website ranking on the first page of Google we offer a money back guarantee!

We really get a kick out of helping companies grow their businesses online by delivering them a constant stream on new leads, increase their sales, their turnover and ultimately their profit. Because that’s what it’s all about right?

A wording of warning however.

If you do not actually want to grow your business, are not a forward thinking motivated business, have any negative connotations or hang ups about making money then we don’t want to work for you.

We only want to work with businesses that are committed to growing their companies online apart from that, that’s about it. We will work with companies large and small, local or national, established or start-ups it doesn’t matter to us.

How much does a SEO company in Sittingbourne cost?

Allow me to build some value and some suspense first. How much do you think that having your website ranking on the first page of the search engines would be worth to you? If you could make only 5 sales for month from it (very, very conservative estimate) how much would that be worth to your business? £1000? £2000? £5000? £10000?

And with each new customer you get from having a professional SEO service in Sittingbourne you would have the opportunity to get returning customer from the first place, they could then recommend you to their friends and family for more sales, who could in turn do the same, they could leave online reviews of your service to influence other people into buying with you even though they have never met them. How much is SEO worth now? £10,000? £20,000? £50,000.

What if I told you that you could have the opportunity to get all of the above with guaranteed results and 100% client exclusivity for your service and area from only £99 per month?

No joke! We can have your website ranking in your area for £99 per month!

Which includes our cast iron, hard as rock guarantee that if we do not get your website on the first page of Google in Sittingbourne in an agreed time we will not charge you a penny!

Also to go with that when we work with you we only worth with you in your area! Meaning we will never work with your competitors for the keywords that you want to rank for. Ensuring that your website gets our undivided attention.

That’s an opportunity to see a return on an investment before you pay for it and a guarantee that will only work with you, not your competition meaning that you get sales not them.


You could not have SEO on your website, keep losing website traffic to your competitors, keeping losing sales to them, let them get the referrals and recommendations and build their brand online. What do you think will actually cost you more?

Act fast someone in Sittingbourne is going to snap up us up. Book your completely FREE no obligation assessment SEO assessment today, worth over £249. Fill out the contact form

SEO Service Near Me – Local SEO Kent

Aswell as Sittingbourne we want to help businesses in local Kent area with search engine optimisation including Kemsley, Howt Green, Bobbing, Borden, Newington, Oad Street, Tunstall, Highsted, Rodmersham, Bapcild, Tonge, Iwade, Newington, Hartlip, Stockbury, Milstead, Kingsdown, Teynham, Conyer, Rainham and Upchurch.