Local Business Seo – Business Domination

Local Business Domination – Get More Customers

Local Business Domination – Local SEO Service

How would you like to be the business that people turn to when looking for your product or service in your area?

Pretty much as no brainer right?

I mean I might as well ask you if you would like to have a distinct advantage over your direct competition. Or whether you would like to increase your leads, sales, website traffic, turnover, profit, brand awareness and engagement, customers, buyer’s fans and followers.

Well if you were not sure all that is possible is local SEO – Something we like to refer to as ‘Local Business Domination’! I think the latter better describes the service and has a ring to it.

Putting your business in a prominent high ranking position on Google for when your potential customers are looking for you is a must in this day and age. Typically when people turn to Google are turning to Google to find information on a product or service. They are usually ready to buy you just need to the right business in the right position at the right time.

Sounds like luck right… Well it is sort of (It actually isn’t!)

According to the Roman philosopher Senecca and a something that we at Creative Edge Design live by is that “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity” and that’s how we like to think of our local SEO efforts and getting your website to rank in on page 1 of Google in your area. Luck or sales happen people find you when looking for your service or opportunity.

Local SEO service – Get you ranking on the first page of Google

No you realise that having your business feature when people are looking for exactly what you do is a good idea. So why should you be using local SEO or local search engine optimisation and how should be executed?

If you’re a brick and mortar business where you have fixed address or serve an area in particular then it is absolutely essential.

The local SEO concept can be extended to get your business found online and increase your profits for every product and service that you offer in every single area that you operate in. Local SEO doesn’t mean that it can only be used locally. National companies are killing it with local SEO.

Local SEO can be used for all of the following:

– Dominating your local area with your service

– Bringing new products or services to market

– Building your business in new areas

– Crushing your competition

– Having your website rank on the first page of Google for multiple keywords and phrases

Or you could not do local SEO

In which case your competitors will continue to benefit from the constant stream of enquiries and sales.

Think of that for a moment.

They will benefit from the immediate transaction on the first place which often enough more than pays for the SEO service in the first place.

They will benefit from the increases brand exposure, if your competitor does half a job as good as you then the customers will likely be happy and recommend your competitor to their friends and family.

They will benefit from the return custom from the customer, together with the potential for them leaving online reviews for their service.

So how much is lost sales really costing you, do you really want to help your competitors instead of your own business?

How much does local SEO cost?

Given that I have already displayed to you the importance of having your website ranking high on the first page of Google. You could ask yourself how much this would be worth in sales and increasing your business exposure or by loss to sales and how much attention you want your direct competitors to receive – depending which way you want to look at it.

Cost really depends on how many areas and services/ products that you want your website to dominate the local search results.

But you can get started for as little as £99 per month!

How many sales per month would you need to see a return on investment? One job and you are already in profit?

The great thing about local SEO and dominating the first page of Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing is that when you have a formula that works it can be scaled up for those forward thinking businesses that want the luxuries that business growth can bring. You know the holidays, extra staff and more money whatever that may mean to you!

Act fast, once we have gone with someone else it’s already too late.

For each area that we are working with you we will only work with you. This means that you get the complete exclusivity and benefit of our years of expertise. By doing it this way only then can we really give your business the full attention that it deserves and there can be no conflict of interest.

So you should reserve your position now before it is too late! Drop your details in the contact form below to book your completely free no obligation Local SEO audit worth £249.

Like I said do it now before one of your competitors does!

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