SEO Consultancy | Search Engine Optimisation Service

SEO Consultancy | Search Engine Optimisation Service

The art of getting your content, product, or service found via Google.

– Strategically position yourself above your competitors

– Be found, heard and known automatically

– Build audiences, leads, enquiries, turnover and profit via your website

Sound good? That’s because it is. Search engine optimisation should be central to your Internet Marketing and Marketing efforts in General. When set up and done properly it can be your ultimate qualified lead generation machine, your ultimate salesforce happy to work for you 27/7 and 365 days per year.

People turn to Google for everything these days. I certainly use it at least 20 times per day and I’m sure that you are no different. When I require information, product or service I will jump onto Google and whack my query into the search bar. Like most people I will skip straight past the paid ads which are usually the first 1 or 2 results and have paid to be there and usually are not the most relevant result and pay attention to positions 1, 2 and 3. Maybe the first page. I certainly would not wander onto page 2 – I mean page 2, what is that???

We help our clients by getting their site ranked high onto the first page of Google and the other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing and if you are a forward thinking, motivated business owner then should aspire to get your business found where people are looking for your product or service. There may be hundreds or thousands of search terms which your potential customers are typing into Google to try and find you. We will help identify these and make your website high for them. 

Another great reason to be using SEO on your website is that it can be completely hands off. I mean some work is required to get you and keep you ranking high in the search engines but the pre-qualified customers come to you! You don’t have to go looking for them. If they find your site when they are looking for your product or service and they like the website chances are they will want to buy from you. Just make sure you can keep up with all the phone call and e-mail enquiries.

I think it’s fair to say that if your website is not ranking high on the first page of Google then to your potential customers you do not exists and do you know who does? Your direct competition!

It’s a no brainer right?

But SEO is Dead – Couldn’t be more wrong

You may have or may not heard that SEO is dead! I can assure you that this couldn’t be less true. Think about this logically. Google becoming the Tech giant that it now is built that from simple connecting Internet enquiries to the most relevant websites providing information.

This was just a headline to capture your attention. What is does mean is that:

Many of the old techniques used to make your website rank high in Google are no longer affective. All this means is that other techniques are even more effective.

Google has decided to cash in on many of the search traffic by allowing people to pay for positions above the organic search results. These come complete with an ‘Ad’ label with the result and the majority of people still skip past these to the most relevant results.

SEO is still very much alive and kicking and killing it for businesses doing it right.

Search Engine Optimisation Consultancy & Experts

We have a unique process for getting our clients businesses found by Google. This includes:

Keyword Analysis

Website Audits

Competitor Analysis

On Page Metrics

Off page Metrics

Content Creation – SEO Copywriting

Backlink Building

Monitoring, tracking and reporting to constantly improve your websites readiness to rank high in the search engines.

Sounds great, sound expensive

Couldn’t be more wrong. Just because having your website ranking high in the search engine could be invaluable to you and your business doesn’t mean you have to pay packet to get it there.

What if I told you that we could have your site ranking in position number 1 on Google or ranking high on the first page for as little as £99 per month?

Sorry I didn’t mean that as a question.

We can personally guarantee to have your site ranking high or Google for £99 per month

It usually takes a month or two but we guarantee to get your website ranking on the first product or service for only £99 per month and what’s more if we fail to get it there we will not charge you a penny. How’s that for no risk?

And I don’t want to end it there.

If you drop your details into the form below we will give you a completely FREE audit of your website and analysis of your competitors worth £249. Just drop your details into the contact form below and hit the button that says ‘YES PLEASE SEND ME MY FREE SEO REPORT’.

That’s not it

As well as guaranteeing you to have your site ranking for your chosen keywords we also promise to never work with your direct competitors for that keyword. Only by doing this can be give your website and Internet Marketing needs the full attention they deserve. 

But you have to act fast… If you miss out and we end up working with your competitors it will be them who will benefit from increased exposure, sales, and leads through their website and our hard work and years of experience in ranking sites high in Google.

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